Clean indoor hygiene: Effective surface coatings for healthcare and care facilities

The global corona pandemic and the experiences associated with it will also have an effect on hygiene standards in hospitals and care homes in the future. Everywhere people in need of treatment or care are concentrated together the problem of bacteria and germs is a major one – as a result, minimising infection risks and protecting the health of individuals is more important than ever. The surfaces of fixtures, walls, doors and tiles offer a large habitat for unwanted contamination. Effective and long-lasting surface protection offers numerous advantages here.

Application-appropriate surface coatings in hygiene areas

Essentially, the following applies: the optimal coating solution for ceilings, walls and surfaces in hygiene areas depends upon the area of application and the corresponding requirements for use. Particularly in sensitive areas such as operating theatres, laboratories, clean rooms or patient rooms, attention should be paid to toxin and preservative-free solutions with proven resistance to bacteria, viruses, germs and mould when choosing optimal wall and ceiling paints. Especially hard-wearing and long-lasting protective wall coatings are called for in areas that are heavily frequented – these include reception areas, corridors and waiting rooms. In addition, ease of cleaning is a further important aspect to consider. Special factors need to be taken into account for wet rooms such as bathrooms. For example, the paint needs to enable moisture to be transported between the surface of the wall and the air in the room, to prevent mould from forming. In areas such as dining rooms and canteens where food is prepared the following applies: only non-hazardous paints are approved for use.

Detailed analysis of building and comprehensive consultation

An expert analysis of the building before the application of an optimal and long-lasting coating is required for each specific situation in hospitals or care establishments. As experienced experts in professional surface coatings in hygiene areas, DÖRKEN Coatings offers comprehensive support in all stages of work – from on-site appointment with substrate examination to the calculation of surface area and drafting of the call for bids and on to detailed product selection with the observance of hygiene requirements. Consultation with building engineers and tradespeople also forms part of this service. The result is the identification of a coating that is tailored precisely to the structural requirements.

Individual colour concepts and design ideas

A further important aspect: a colour scheme that suits both the building and its use - developed and planned holistically and specifically for the medical and care field. Because an individual colour scheme or clearly structured colour markings on the walls offers a safe and clearly comprehensible orientation aid for patients or residents, whilst also communicating a pleasant atmosphere. The aspect of well-being is a therapeutic factor that is growing increasingly in importance. The colour designers at DÖRKEN Coatings provide architects and building owners with comprehensive support in planning and realisation. For example, the colour selection process is aided by true-colour samples and the visualisation of the entire spatial concept in digital form.

Custom product solutions for every hygiene requirement

In the scope of the innovative healthcare concept DÖRKEN Coatings offers a wide range of special coating solutions for areas with high hygienic requirements, or that are heavily frequented. The portfolio includes products that in some cases far exceed the hygiene standards and statutory requirements. Here is an overview.

Effective protection against viruses, bacteria and mould

The innovative wall and ceiling paint LUCITE® MultiResist Pro protects against mould without the use of allergy-triggering and environmentally harmful ingredients and is also resistant to bacteria and germs. The coating features proof of resistance to MRSA hospital germs as per JIS Z 2801:2012 and thereby minimises the risk of contamination of wall surfaces. This makes LUCITE® MultiResist Pro ideally suited for use in spaces with high hygiene requirements – at the same time, the product is also approved for use as a wall coating in food processing areas.

Long-lasting and hygienically clean: the special range from DÖRKEN Coatings for the healthcare field.

Scratch and grime-resistant solution

Developed especially for highly-frequented areas such as corridors or waiting rooms, the functional and hybrid wall paint LUCITE® Flowcoat 2.0 impresses with a homogeneous finish and fine-matt appearance, making it especially suitable for large and extremely smooth wall and ceiling areas. Specially developed silicon carbon fibre technology makes the coating resistant to grime and mechanical damage. Easily cleaned, the wall paint fulfils the requirements of wet abrasion class 1 (DIN EN 13300) and has proven resistance to disinfectant.

Long-lasting and hygienically clean: the special range from DÖRKEN Coatings for the healthcare field.

Silk gloss finish, including for mixed substrates

The multi-functional paint LUCITE® All-In 15 Satin was developed for use on large surface areas and dries very quickly – most of the respective rooms can already be used again the next day. A further advantage: the pure acrylic-based special coating adheres firmly to diverse surfaces - meaning no change of material is required for mixed substrates. Thanks to its scratch-resistant and highly cleanable surface, the paint is also a good alternative to latex paints and wall paints.

Long-lasting and hygienically clean: the special range from DÖRKEN Coatings for the healthcare field.

Ideal choice for surfaces subjected to heavy use

Whether it is doors and windows, metal door frames, hand rails, lift doors, laboratory fixtures or wall cupboards: the polyurethane-based, aqueous, almost odour-free, 2-component paint system LUCITE® 2K PUR Xtrem was developed specifically for the coating of surfaces subjected to high levels of mechanical and chemical stress. Bacteriological testing has revealed: the coating has no negative impact on disinfecting measures and can therefore be used in areas with high hygiene requirements. The hard-wearing coating is resistant to hand perspiration and chemicals, can be decontaminated and has fire behaviour pursuant to class E of DIN EN 13501-1:2007. Chemical resistance testing in accordance with DIN 12720:2009-07 has shown that the coating has good resistance against acetone and white spirit as well as acids and alkaline media – also where cleaning and disinfectant materials are applied to the surface.

Long-lasting and hygienically clean: the special range from DÖRKEN Coatings for the healthcare field.
Long-lasting and hygienically clean: the special range from DÖRKEN Coatings for the healthcare field.


Influenced by the corona pandemic, hygiene requirements in the healthcare sector are set to increase further. This means an urgent requirement for effective and long-lasting surface coatings for walls, ceilings and fixtures. With its innovative healthcare concept, DÖRKEN Coatings offers comprehensive service and consultation as well as special product solutions for every hygienic requirement.

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