Established Products are the Impulse for Innovation.

CD-Color is a member of the Dörken Group and a subsidiary of the Ewald Dörken AG which in 2017 celebrated its 125th anniversary. 125 years of Dörken, that is 125 years of varnish history, written by two of the oldest and best-known varnish brands in Germany, DELTA System and CWS WERTLACK.

Over “25 years of LUCITE® Innovations” are part of this success story with high competence in water-based coating systems coupled with efficient and economic application and simplification of the work processes.

A new image video was produced for our anniversary. The musician Norman Sinn composed and performed a rap-song for the video. The main characters of the image video are, of course, our colleagues.

The Founding Years 

Dr. Carl Dörken and Ewald Dörken found the Ewald Dörken OHG for the production of varnishes and corrosion-protection paints.

Dr. Carl Dörken develops a method of heating wood-oil. The result is a varnish containing wood-oil which, sold under the brand name Eburit, becomes the leading decorator material for the next seven decades.

Dörken starts with the production of nitrocellulose varnishes and becomes the pioneer in this generation of varnishes.

The Thirties
The era of “synthetic varnish” begins. Dörken quickly becomes one of the leading producers of synthetic resin varnishes, for both the colourless Deltal range as well as the colourfull Deltalux range.

From the Post-War Period to the German Reunification

Times become more colourfull - varnishes too. The coloured varnishes DELTA-Buntdeltal and DELTA-Samtcolor are available on the market and become the main pillars of the Dörken Division of Building Paints.

The premiere of the liquid synthetic material DELTA-Polymere! The universally applicable one-pot system for the coloured design of metal, concrete and plastic material becomes a real top seller.

Dörken develops the first water-soluble alkyd resin based varnish. In the same year the company begins with the colour mixing technique. That means a nearly unlimited variety of varnish and dispersion paint colours for the specialized wholesalers.

Dörken takes over the production and distribution of the environment-friendly facade coating systems LUCITE® und IMLAR® from Du Pont de Nemours.

A new range of water-based acrylic varnishes, DELTA®-Professional, arrives on the market. All eight products of the professional range are awarded the German Blue Angel Certification („Blauer Engel") by the German Jury Umweltzeichen.

The In-Can-System “Lack-inLack” (varnish-in-varnish) celebrates its premiere. With this mixing system varnishes can be prepared on-site for the customer in the original quality. In every quantity and every colour required.

With CD-Color into the Second Millenium

The new CD-Color GmbH & Co. KG is founded with 50 percent shares each held by the sector building paints of Ewald Dörken AG and CWS Lackfabrik.

CD-Color is the first paint and varnish producer in Germany to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and the European Commission – Environment - Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)

On the force of the planned VOC-Regulations CD-Color starts with the development of innovative varnish systems for the new stipulated limits which will become valid as from 2007/2008.

CD-Color becomes a 100 percent subsidiary of Dörken.

LUCITE LacTec sees the light of the market. The waterbased low emission polyurethane reinforced professional varnish system convinces with excellent processing characteristics, high resistance and a perfect finish.

The new colour mixing technology MixPlus is a milestone in the mixing technique. Thanks to the new Mix-Plus qualities an effectively improved weather resistance and higher luminance in the intensive colours are achieved.

As a Dörken Group company CD-Color is awarded the „TOP 100-Gütesiegel” (quality seal) as in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 - and is therefore one of the most innovative middle-sized companies in Germany.

Bernd von Pachelbel is the new Managing Director of CD-Color.

CD-Color scores a real coup in the range of water-based systems with the new, two- component polyurethane varnish systems CWS WERTLACK® 2K-DuraTop and LUCITE® 2K-PUR Xtrem. With these products, developed for very high wear-resistance in interior and exterior areas, high quality and extremely long-lasting results can be achieved.


The Aqua Premiumline from CWS WERTLACK® appears on the market. With this line there is now a waterbased sibling product for the same areas of application as for the VOC-conform classics such as Specolux or Satiné.

In France, CD-Color takes over the building paint business of CD Peintures S.A. which was founded as a joint venture in 2002 by the CWS Lackfabrik and Ewald Dörken AG.

CD-Color presents LUCITE® All-In, a one-coat dispersion varnish which was developed especially for large interior surfaces. It adheres even without a priming coat on nearly all surfaces thereby making the laborious change of material unnecessary.

Within the range of DELTA® Woodprotection CD-Color offers professionals a compact wood protection programme suitable for construction elements according to DIN EN 927-1.

CD-Color restructures its traditional brand DELTA® and supplements the programme with a compact water-based varnish system with the new Aqua Hybrid Technology coupled with the new product line DELTA® Industry - an intelligent, compact, high performance line with practice-oriented anti-corrosion systems, according to DIN EN ISO 12944.

CWS WERTLACK® DuoTop and DELTA® All-Top, both real allrounders, arrive on the market. The solvent-based one-pot systems can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and offer a high quality of application. Thanks to the innovative silicone-alkyd binder technology these allround varnishes are non-yellowing and the surfaces painted can be used quickly.

The new LUCITE® IsoLack Satin for wooden construction elements effectively isolates substances contained in the wood in two work processes - without an extra sealing primer.

With the motto "Plug & Spray" CD-Color presents a new low-pressure spray system, which can be used independent of the equipment available. Both the products, LUCITE® HVLP 2in1 Satin and CWS WERTLACK® HVLP Duo Top Aqua, do not require extra priming, as “one-pot systems” they can be be applied on various surfaces and ensure effective work processes on the building site.

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